No Updates. Weird Huh?

Yea It’s been awhile. I’m sure everyone has just been checking twitter anyways to get any updates on anyone. Everything has been pretty busy lately but slowly starting to free up and get settled. I finally made the move out to California a few weeks ago in right north of Murrieta. With moving/settling in I haven’t been on the lap top too much. I haven’t even had internet hooked up yet, but that’s next week. I couldn’t ask for a better place to be. I miss Alabama but the be honest I wasn’t there very often anyways. Small gym set up at the house. Good back yard with soon the be pump track maybe a few trail jumps and Perris BMX 10 mins away. Not to mention I have a solid training partner to train with everyday. As far as racing guys..I’m skipping the up upcoming UCI SX in Papendal Holland due to spending that budget on the move to California. I would just be in Holland racing for a funded spot to worlds anyways but seeing how I’ve already booked the Denmark trip for Worlds I thought I’d just save that cash. So as bad as i’m hating it right now. I’ll be right here watching Holland on with everyone else…..Now time to work some Photoshop and get the other pages of the site running!

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