Euro Trip

Well I finally got settled into the new pad in California. Couldn’t ask for anything better being there. After a few weeks living solo I decided to get Khalen Young to move in with me and have good training partner to get back into the grind. It’s nice to be …

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No Updates. Weird Huh?

Yea It’s been awhile. I’m sure everyone has just been checking twitter anyways to get any updates on anyone. Everything has been pretty busy lately but slowly starting to free up and get settled. I finally made the move out to California a few weeks ago in right north of …

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Back at the OTC.

Well it’s been awhile since I was last at the Olympic Training Center and it’s good to be back. The UCI SX season kicks off in 2 weeks in South Africa so we got 8 of us here training for stop number 1. Weather has been crappy the last few …

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Hangin out in AZ.

After Desoto, TX I flew out to AZ to ride the SpeedWorld track where the SX ABA race will be held next weekend. Not being on the big hill in awhile I thought i’d start practice early. Rode the SX hill twice now and feeling pretty good on it. Only thing is we haven’t been able to do gates on the hill. Just a bunch of sprinting down. Been staying at Bubba’s house for a couple days and got to ride his yard. Good to see you can have trails even with small yard. Here’s a little teaser edit to check out. Bubba Harris, Lee Lewis and myself.

Little Ride in Bubbas yard. from BarryNobles on Vimeo.