Episode 3

Well the ABA Season has come to an end. Started out rough but pulled some stuff together at the end. Ending the year with a number 7 overall. Not what the goals were but it feels good to be back in the top 10 after two hard years with injury. Check out Episode 3 of the Parliament. Next stop is a one off race in Brazil. Gonna have some good footage from that trip.

Busy Busy

Well no race report from the Las Vegas national. Been busy with trying to get episode 2 of “The Parliament” a long with travel. Vegas went good. Got on the podium again but still only the 3rd spot. Went to Orlando and had a rough weekend. Never been a fan …

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The Parliament – Episode 1

I thought we needed some new media stuff for BMX so I started a little web series with Khalen and I. Filming started in London and will be going to Olympics next year. Learned a lot from making this first one so they will just get better from here. Let me know what you guys think….